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IM-U310 Preview VOD


매력적인 터치폰 '프레스토 폰(IM-U310)'

프레스토 폰(IM-U310) \r
제조사 SKY \r
브랜드 SKY \r
출시일 2008년-11월 \r
-제품내용- \r
두께 12.6mm \r
3형 터치스크린/ 200만 화소 카메라 \r
터치유 /MP3/ DMB \r
영상통화/ 블루투스 \r
한영혁 기자\r
- Copyrights ⓒ미디어인뉴스. 무단 전재 및 재배포 금지 -

Lenovo U310 Disassembly and Tear Down - How To Remove Bottom Cover

How to remove the bottom cover of a Lenovo U310

NOTE: Unlike other computer vendors, opening the system WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Keep this in mind.

NOTE2: On the wifi issue, I've tried a few things, however have yet to resolve it. The only solution at this point to get good wifi is to purchase a "nano" wifi adapter, cost is roughly $10


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