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Boney M. - Sunny (1976)

In 2020, 45 years have passed since the release of the first single of Boney M's band (
) entitled "Baby, Do You Wanna Bump?" (
). This was the first international success of the West German singer, composer and producer Frank Farian ( real name Franz Reuther
), who recorded the first track for a new project, using only his own voice. Only after the mysterious "band" Boney M was invited to perform in the Dutch music TV show, Farian began to search for suitable artists.
After a few changes, by the beginning of 1976 the final line-up was formed, which brought Farian's project worldwide success. By Christmas of that year, Boney M had become superstars in Europe (
Farian never hid that the best result while working in the studio comes from a combination of the voices of Jamaican vocalists Liz Mitchell (
), Marcia Barrett (
), as well as his own male vocals. Natives of the Lesser Antilles, dancers Bobby Farrell (
) and Maizie Williams (
), almost never took part in the recordings, but at live concerts they used their own voices (
By 1978, Boney M had become world famous stars (
). They even got into the Guinness Book of Records, because their singles sold faster than all other artists. In Germany, the hit "Rivers of Babylon" became a sensation: N1 for 17 weeks ( absolute record to date
)! In the world pop charts, the main rival of Boney M was only the Swedish group ABBA.
The Farian's group was constantly invited to perform in the most prestigious shows. Their songs were listened to by the British Queen Elizabeth II, and even the top leadership of the then USSR invited Boney M to perform in the very center of this communist empire. Boney M became the first Western pop group to break through the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War.
A resounding success turned the head of Bobby Farrell, and he began to demand special conditions from Farian and his record label HANSA. Bobby wanted to record leading male vocals instead of Farian, but the result of his work did not satisfy the leadership of HANSA. In 1981, after repeated violations of discipline, Farian was forced to replace Bobby with real vocalist and musician Reggie Tsiboe ( ). Reggie was born in Ghana, but as a teenager he was sent to study in London.
However, the updated composition of the group without the charismatic Bobby did not show equally impressive results on the charts. However, in the 80s, Boney M continued to release great albums that were underestimated by the public and music critics.
In 1984, Bobby rejoined Boney M, but due to ongoing conflicts between members of the group, Farian decided to complete this project in early 1986.
However, until 1989, Boney M periodically reunited to support new remix albums on television and discos. The famous Boney M's "Megamix" became N1 in France (
In the early 90s, Farian released two successful CD-compilations under the brand name "Boney M. Gold", which returns the group to high positions in Europe. At the same time, each of the former members of Boney M decided to start his own career in show business. However, only a group with lead vocalist Liz Mitchell achieved recognition as "heirs of Boney M."
In 2006, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the "classic Boney M's line-up", Farian released the new collection "The Magic of Boney M." and the compilation "Christmas with Boney M.", which had great commercial success with gold and platinum awards. In the same year in London, the big premiere of the musical "Daddy Cool", based on the songs of Boney M and other successful projects (Eruption, Milli Vanilli, La Bouche, No Mercy) of Frank Farian, took place (
Unfortunately, Bobby Farrell died of a heart attack during his New Year's European tour. It happened on December 30, 2010 in St. Petersburg (Russia).
The remaining members of the “classic Boney M” continue touring with their own backing vocal groups. However, they also periodically release their solo albums and singles not related to Boney M.
Now Boney M. - the most successful pop music export in the history of Germany (
). To date, worldwide sold more than 220 million copies of their albums and singles.

about video: Radio Bremen/ARD (West Germany, 1976). New video edition: FFFclub, 2006

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Bobby Hebb - Sunny

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