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The Arc Of It: Permission To Try w/ Brendan Leonard (Ep. 3)

Brendan Leonard is not someone who typifies the mold of an outdoor athlete. But as he is quick to point out, very few really do. Leonard –– author, blogger, illustrator, ultra-marathoner, and self-described adventurer –– sits down with host Katie Burrell to discuss what it means to participate in the outdoors, to dissolve the “barriers of intimidation”, and to find joy in trying for yourself.

The two talk about his most recent book, I Hate Running and You Can Too, and the universal challenge that we face in starting something new: starting it. Whether that ‘it’ is a light jog or 36-hour, 100-mile race is unimportant – what matters is recognizing that you are enough and that you, by the very practice of lacing up your shoes and moving at some pace above walking, are a runner.

Leonard’s keen insight reminds every runner, skier, climber, and “self-described adventurer” of the importance of connecting with each other and with ourselves; that the happiness we gain from the outdoors is not derived from feelings of superiority or triumph, but from the simplicity of participation.

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Arc'teryx Presents: Third Person

Sam Kuch visualizes every line and every air before he drops in. Each turn, each transition plays out in his mind's eye before he makes it a reality. Third Person explores Sam's unique approach to freeskiing, bringing the viewer into his mind and along for the ride.

Skier: Sam Kuch
Directed by: Blair Richmond
Location: Callaghan Country
Still Photography: Angela Percival
Sound: Ridgeline Sound
Colour: Bryan Ralph
Special thanks: Cole Richardson \u0026 Tom Peiffer

Michelle Parker: Living Compassionately

Outer Peace with Michelle Parker: Living Compassionately.

“When I’m about to drop in to a heavy line, I’m connecting with everything, from the snowpack to the clouds to the weather, even though I’m just standing on top of a hill by myself.”

Pro skier and lifelong athlete Michelle Parker reflects on the profound interconnectedness of Nature, connecting our breath to our actions to Spirit, in this exploration of Outer Peace. The path towards a better self begins in nature. Outer Peace. Find it.

Join us as we explore the transformative and healing power of nature, and work to make it accessible to everyone.

This year, Arc’teryx is committing $1 million to help support our partners in their work to remove barriers and protect nature, so people who have been traditionally excluded from access to nature may find Outer Peace.

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